Slotted Geometry

A passive reminder

Cubia Slotted Geometries assist in balancing your landscape while gently offering passive reminders that to simply be is sometimes simply enough. All Slotted Geometries are 'sunken', to allow stable resting on any flat surface. 

Sunk Sphere - 600

3mm Weathered Steel
600mm diameter

Sunk Sphere - 1200

5mm Weathered Steel
1200mm diameter 

Sunken Cube - 600

3mm Weathered Steel
400mm x 400mm

Sunken Cube - 1200

5mm Weathered Steel
1200mm x 1200mm




FROM $500.00AU

Sunken Sphere

The simple yet effective Garden Sculpture will assist in balancing your landscape while gently offering passive reminders that to simply be is sometimes simply enough. The 600mm diameter sphere is hand cut by plasma cutter and the design is 'sunken', to allow stable resting on any flat surface, including concrete.

Don't like the rust? I can deliver in a silver aluminium for a more 'space age' look, or coat in Charcoal Grey for a more 'machined' feel. This sculpture looks great inside on a polish concrete or floorboard surface.

Custom Designs and sizes available, please inquire.