Give into your senses and be carried away


Relax in the ‘Fractal Portal’ as your ‘Floating Assistant’ slides the latest in Virtual Reality headsets over your eyes and 3D headphones over your ears,

Your perception of scale will melt away and your ego will dissolve as you float into an endless abyss of infinitely shifting 3D Fractal Geometry, 

Binaural beats drum soul soothing shamanic rhythms into your ears as you become one with nothingness and everything,


Fractal Floating is my concept inspired by Terence Mckenna's notion that the emergence of Virtual Reality would assist in bringing the psychedelic experience to all, regardless of psychedelics availability or reform.

The Floater (user) begins by relaxing in a comfortable hammock strung between the Fractal Portal. The assistant then equips the Floater with a Virtual Reality headset (Samsung Gear VR), and 3D Headphones.  

The Floater is soon transported to an amazingly colourful Parallel Universe, surrounded by and slowly floating through infinitely shifting 3D Fractal Geometry where ever they look, they are audibly engulfed by the binaural Shamanic chants and beats drumming into their ears.

The Geometry, being fractal, is void of scale. A shape that appears tiny and in the distance at first, will soon surround the Floater in absolute mass. At this point, another shape that appears tiny in the distance, will soon also surround the floater in, again in mass, as they slowly drift through it as well.

 As these waves of fractals endlessly wash over the Floater, any sense of scale perception is slowly broken down until completely abandoned by the mind. I firmly believe that this process of 'scale dissolution' assists greatly in dissolving the Ego of whom ever is receiving in the experience. 

This is a difficult journey to understand without entering the Fractal Portal first hand. Friends, family and festival goers who have taken the Float all report the sensation to be a ‘very different’, 'relaxing' and 'therapeutic' experience like nothing they have ever had before.


Below is the  example 'Concept Float' pitched to Earthcore in order to obtain the Art Grant. This is low resolution, low quality float, as it was only experimental and indicative of what would be available at the launch at Earthcore 2016 - Parallel Universe

It is also important to note that viewing this sample on a two dimensional screen, or via 360 video by moving your mobile device in the air, is a completely different experience to being utterly immersed in the Virtual Reality environment.


Click and drag to rotate 360.

MOBILE DEVICE: Click this link: Move your phone in the air to look around.

This particular experiment includes no animation (static fractals) and low draw distance (fractals disappear in distance). 


Below are some 'still' images that represent the future floats in progress.


I have been working tirelessly to setup Google's 'Deep Dream' Neural Network on the system render farm in order to process the Fractal Float experience. The 'Deep Dream' effect will scan the fractals and attempt to recognize and present distinguishable images from Googles Neural Network, resulting in 'LSD style Fractals', such as the image examples pictured below (compare to above):